Sunday, October 17, 2004

what happened??

I look down at the picture
That I hold in my hand
Of a sweet little girl named Katie
Playing in the sand

Not a single worry passing through
Her open, care-free mind
Not even a thought
As to what her future might find

So innocent, I thought
Uncorrupted and naïve
She doesn’t know what comes next
She wouldn’t even believe....

What happened to poor Katie?
She’s lost her brightness and her glow
What happened to that beautiful girl?
That brought her down so low?

What happened to the sparkle
In those big blue eyes?
What happened to the passion
That seems to have withered and died?

What happened to her confidence?
Determination and self-esteem?
They all seemed to slip away
As she became a teen

What happened to the big bright smiles
The sparkles and the bows?
The pig tails and the stickers?
I don’t think she knows....

What happened to that little girl?
That made her turn so black?
What pushed young Katie over the edge?
But couldn’t pull her back?

What happened to that happy child?
When did it get so cold?
Somehow she’s become morbid, and sullen
When did that girl get so old?

Who was it that made her the victim?
Who was it that broke her heart?
Who was it that took her perfect world
And began to tear it apart?

Will she ever find that little girl?
Can she once again be glad?
Or is she stuck in this alternate reality
Forever depressed, and sad?

Will she forever feel this pain
This torturing, of her soul?
Or can someone, somewhere save her?
Can anyone make her whole?

I ponder these things, then I pick up a blade
And cut the picture in two
Then I turn that same blade, onto myself
And I shred my arms up too

I mourn for the little girl
That the world has lost
And I mourn for the young woman
Who still must pay the cost


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