Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please God....

If God can make me better
He can choose to make me well
Why won't He do it now?
I want out of this Hell
If He can see it all
He can see that I'm in pain
And He can choose to help
He can choose to make me sane
God hears everything
He hears me as I cry
He hears me as I scream
He knows I want to die
God's fingers feel my scars
His eyes can see the blood
He hears it hit the ground
Dark red & thick, like mud
So why has He not helped me?
Does He want me to live this way?
I just don't want to be like this
I can't stand it another day
So God, if you are reading
My prayer is that you'll try
To help me mend my broken heaert
And hold me as I cry


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