Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve (again....)

The clock says 10:31
The year's still twenty ten
An hour and 29 minutes
And what will happen then?
Everyone is counting down
To the start of a new year
They're all just so excited
But I'm just filled with fear
I don't know what's coming
I don't know what's next
But I can't imagine it's good
When I seem to be hexed
Will this year hold more pain?
More sorrow? More despair?
Will anything change my life?
Wake me from this nightmare?
Cause nothing ever changes
Everything still hurts
Nothing gets "all better"
Despite my best efforts
I wish I could just leave
This world so full of pain
But no matter what I try
I still seem to remain
So I'll fake a smile at midnight
And cheer the New Year in
But the delight will be a facade
I'll be silently screaming within


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