Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Our Island

Up here on Claire Island
Surrounded by family
Our beautiful, secret hideaway
Passed down through the family tree
Our own private getaway
Here on Lac Des Illes
Such a spectacular place
Oh, so carefully concealed
The sparkling, blue lake water
The green of trees & grass
The call of the loons on the lake
The children's contagious laughs
No telephones or video games
Such peace & tranquility
It's just such a beautiful place
So, why doesn't it get through to me?
My heart remains cold & empty
With a past I can't simply erase
And I can't help but still feel sad
Even in the magic of this place
The gorgeous weather here
Cannot warm my frozen heaert
And with all these friends & family
I'll never have a brand new start
And so, I will go swimming
But in shorts & long sleeved shirts
And I'll stay here in 'paradise'
But it won't take away the hurts
At night the lights go out
I sit in darkness, having a smoke
Then press the tip into my soft flesh
Careful no one is awoke
Then I pull my sleeve back down
I hide it all away
My cookie cutter skin is out of sight
At least for another day


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