Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leaving St. Louis

I'd made up my mind
I was going to stay
But they've made theirs up too
I'll be going away
Much liquid was spilled
Tears of salt and tears of blood
Now my future's so unclear
It's dark and thick like mud
Soon I'll be going home
But I still don't know when
I've lost another chance
I've fucked it up again
I'm sorry Mom and Dad
I know that you don't want me back
So I'll try and make it quick
I'll be out of your way like 'that'
No point in paying for the plane
The money's just a waste
When he's already calling me
Death's close enough to taste
Please, don't bring me back
Please, don't even try
The return would just be pointless
I'd be coming home to die


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