Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jesus Will Heal

I've been cut, I've been burned
I've been broken, bent and torn
I have hoped, I have prayed
I have wished I wasn't born
I've been hurt, I've been cracked
I've been tripped, and told, and tried
I have screamed, I have yelled
I have wept and cursed and cried
I have fallen to the floor
And been too weak to rise
I have crawled on hands and knees
Tears falling from my eyes
But things can get better
They can't get much worse
I'm able to get well
If God will lift this curse
I'll be able to walk in freedom
No more cuts, or burns, or tears
No more clawing at my heart
No more giving in to fears
Jesus Christ has saved me
With His pure and perfect blood
So, somehow my world will heal
And my life will become good


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