Friday, July 31, 2009

Mom's 50th

August sixteenth, two-thousand and nine.
To some, it’s just one more day.
One day, of one month,
Of a year slowly slipping away.
But, for me, today is special.
It’s the day we celebrate you!
The day you came into this world,
Tiny, and perfect, and new.
That was fifty years ago,
And some think fifty’s old.
But I know something that they don’t,
You’re just getting better, I’m told.
I believe it’s the truth.
For when your birthday rolls around,
You grow one year older,
And a year more profound.
You grow one year wiser,
And one year more sweet.
You’re one year more special,
A year more complete.
So, yes, you’re another year older.
You’ve had another year to strengthen,
You’ve grown one year better.
That much closer to perfection.
Today, so many are thankful,
For fifty years of you to adore!
And today, I am so grateful,
I love you one year more!
So, who cares what people say?
Fifty years is great!
Today I’m one year happier,
And we all get to celebrate!!


Blogger Aqua said...

Beautiful. It sounds like you treasure and love your Mom like I loved mine. I love seeing that.

8/01/2009 3:42 p.m.  

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