Monday, July 20, 2009

No Going Back

it's gone by so fast
what happened to those days?
what happened to the innocence?
the silly, carefree ways?
i was so young
unaware of how dark it could be
i was so blind
too naive to see
back when i was a child
the days were so long
the world was a playground
and my life a song
i was so uncorrupt
everything was all right
i played away daytime
and dreamed away night
the days all flew by
with barely a care
ignoring the future
and what waited there
i somehow grew up
things began to go wrong
i was too big for the playground
too old for the song
but now that i'm older
i can get into bars
i can go to the casino
and i can drive cars
my dolls are in the closet
with my other childhood toys
the barbies have changed
to lipstick, blush and boys
i wear my hair straight
no more ribbons or curls
i'll enjoy being a woman
but i'll always cherish the girl


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