Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Don't play the guilt card
I've had enough
You don't know how hard it is
To quit this kind of stuff
. .
I'm sick of people telling me
The effects this has on THEM
If I'm going to stop this
It's me who'll decide when
. .
You don't need to say a word
I can see it in your eyes
Each time my sleeve slips up
A little part of you dies
. .
You see, it's not just you
It's everyone I know
They can't stand what I do
And I can't bear to let it show
. .
That's why I wear long sleeves
And hide it all from sight
When no one sees what's wrong
I can pretend that I'm alright
. .
Someday I might get better
But it will be for me
Not because of others
And the things they think they see


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