Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I'm not strong enough for this
It's simply, just too hard
I can't ever relax
There's no letting down my guard
Every class talks about something
That hits too close to home
I cry, dissociate & panic
And then write another poem
I'm too much like the clients
Or, rather, they're too much like me
If I have these problems myself,
How can I help them to see?
They'll see that I'm not normal
They'll see that I'm a mess
They'll see that I'm not stable
Everyone will start to guess
They'll make assumptions about what's wrong
And what I can & can't control
They'll assume with all my problems
There's no way I could be whole
And the assumptions will be right
I'm a broken little girl
I've been broken for so long
I'll always be this ugly knurl
I'm wrapped around this shattered identity
That's been mine for far too long
And now it's all I have
This feeling that I'm wrong
That's what everyone sees
Because it's what I know
I'll always be unstable
and it will always show


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