Friday, May 27, 2005

Nature Felt My Pain

the wind blew hard and rough today
the trees could barely stand
flowers were pulled from their roots
by the wind that rushed the land

the sun chose not to rise today
the world was dark and black
it was also rather cold
the warmth we sure did lack

the waves were rough at sea today
the ships, they lost their way
they left from the calm harbour
but drifted off astray

there was a sudden earthquake
the earth, it broke apart
each and every crack that formed
was imprinted on my heart

today was so cold and windy
that everyone ran inside
even animals, used to rough winters
ran to their homes to hide

all of nature fell apart today
it was a great big mess
i have gone numb, and no longer feel
so, the world took on my stress

and now people watch in horror
at the destruction of the land
and they wonder how i kept it inside
when i was the one dealt this hand

i cry as i explain, "i tried so hard"
"i didn't want you to see"
i didn't want the world to feel this pain
so i kept it inside of me

but, now it's been let out
and now the whole world knows
that if something's not done with our broken hearts
the world will suffer all of our woes


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