Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mercy Ministries

finish the program?
no! of course not!!
that's too much for me
that's asking a lot
that's not the way things work for me
there's not gonna be an end
i can't make it that far through
i'm never going to mend
i'm never going to feel content
these eyes will always cry
i'll never feel that sense of peace
i'll always want to die
forever and always i'll wait
for something that's not there
for something that'll never come
it all seems so unfair
all i want's a reason
a purpose for all this pain
something that makes it all worthwhile
like the sunshine after the rain
but i don't think anything's there
i don't believe it'll ever come
so i'm left without a hope
a pile of pills and a micky of rhum


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