Friday, December 17, 2004


i get lonely
even though you may be right there
i still feel alone


i feel hopeless
like all my problems
are permanent
and will never go away

i am just so sad
i want to put a gun to my head
and pull the trigger

i feel very upset
i want to pull a bag over my head
and tie it around my neck

i am frustrated
i want to take a sharp object
and slice my wrist
sometimes i do

i am so angry
i want to take a knife
and stab it
right through my heart

when i don't feel loved
i want to take a rope
and hang myself from my fan

when it hurts too much
i want to take all the medecine in the house
and swallow it
and wait
for all the pain to go away

when i am alone
i try these escape routes
but i never complete them

i'm scared
that i will complete them
and no one will care


Blogger Girl with Boots said...

If you wrote that poem, please don't even consider it. I don't know you, but people love you and would be devasted if you ever went thruogh with it. I tried (unsuccessfully obviously) as a teen, and I never imaginged the emotional havok that it would create for the people, family and friends, that cared about me. Find someone you trust to talk to.
If someone else wrote that poem, give them every bit of support you can.
Life is precious even when it feels otherwise.

12/17/2004 5:43 p.m.  

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