Monday, November 15, 2004


You don’t understand me
Even though you’ve tried
I thought that you might
And I let you inside
Why couldn’t you see?
Why didn’t you know?
How'd it all go away?
When I never let it go?

Would you tell me where I went wrong?
Cause I’m sorry!
Would you tell me how to fix it?
Cause I’m so sorry!!
Would you try to forgive me?
Cause I’m just so sorry!!!

Cause, I don’t want to keep screaming
When you can’t hear me anyway
Cause I don’t want to keep trying
When you don’t care anyway
Cause I don’t want to keep holding on
When you’ve already let go anyway

What would you do if I went away?
Because of you
Because of me
Because of everything
Because it’s all just too much
And I can’t take it anymore

Would you laugh?
Would you cry?
Would you come to my funeral?
Would you be sorry?
Would you care at all??
Cause it’s over
But I’m sorry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel, i guess it takes one to know one.

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hope it does help

12/18/2004 11:20 p.m.  

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