Friday, December 17, 2004

letter to the vice principal

mr. ruff,

never tell me what to do
- i don't take orders
i'm always in control
- don't try to overpower me
i'll do whatever i want
- don't tell me I'm not allowed
i'll never quit cheering
- so just let me be

i'll always hate school
- you can't make me like it
i'll never respect you
- i won't change my mind
i don't need your opinion
- don't force it upon me
stop pushing me forwards
- let me fall behind

you know i won't listen
- why waste your breath talking?
i didn't read your letter
- don't write me a book
i can choose to ignore you
- you can't make me hear you
you could paint the perfect future
- i'd never even look

kick me off the team
- i just won't come to school
do whatever you want
- I'll never cry
try to stop me from cheerleading
- you don't deserve the satisfaction
you'd be guilty of murder
- I'd just choose to die


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