Sunday, December 19, 2004


broken promises, forgotten dreams
you're never good enough it seems

you must stay in control
must be perfect to win
no matter what it takes-
you must be thin

always do your best
but still you must do more
cause your best will never get you
the very highest score

you're only in it for fun
so what's going on?
it's frustration and torture
the fun is long gone

my goals are getting further
and further out of sight
it's not supposed to be this way
this just isn't right

hang in there, push harder
you've got to be strong
drugs will ease the pain
and you'll slowly move along

but slows not good enough
everything must be fast
if you keep it up at this rate
you'll come in dead last

point your toes, and stay tight
legs together- that's not right!!
if you really want to do it,
then just go- you have to prove it!

no more! i can't take it
i'm too stressed to even try
if i do it i'll fall down
i don't know how to fly

you know that i trust you
you shouldn't need to ask
there's just some things better left unsaid
that i hide behind a mask

often it doesn't work
and you can see right through
but this time i can't tell
i don't know what to do

abandoned promises, and shattered dreams
a gymnast must be perfect to have any self-esteem


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