Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Falling To The Ground

i stand on the roof
looking down at the ground
staring at the pavement
trying to imagine the sound

there are so many thoughts
running through my mind
but soon it won’t matter
it’ll all be left behind

i pen a quick note
to leave at the top
telling mom and dad
why i had to take the drop

then i climb over the side
and take one last big breath
before i leap off of the wall
prepared to meet my death

count down from 20
that’s how long the fall should take
19 more seconds
till elsewhere i’ll wake

i’m at number 18
please take me away
17 more seconds
left of this day

at 16 i think
of the party we threw
when i turned that sweet age
that’s when i met you

i’ve hit 15
but now i don’t know
if i should have chosen
this time and way to go

14 comes so fast
i can’t make myself slow down
faster and faster
i’m falling to the ground

13 and 12 go by
and now 11, 10
who’s gonna find me?
and, i wonder, when??

9, 8, 7, 6
numbers scream from my mind
i don’t wanna die anymore!!
please, let me rewind!!

5, 4, 3, 2
that’s it- no more- i’m done
and my body hits the ground
as God counts the final 1

**dedicated to Lilly Xhediku**


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