Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Will To Get Well

it used to be
that i wanted to hurt
i thought i deserved it
i felt i was dirt
i used to take pleasure
in cutting my own skin
in using something sharp
in digging it right in
but it came to my attention
it occured to me one day
that i had to stop this action
i couldn't go on this way
i was hurting those around me
they were beginning to see
but what was most important
was i was also hurting me
so i began to look around
for something to help me learn
something that could teach me
not to cut and burn
i began to finally see
that this was no way to live
that i'd have to fix myself
before i'd have anything to give
so i've looked real deep inside
and as people now can tell
i've found something really special
it's the will to get well


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