Friday, May 27, 2005

People At The Hospital

Laura talks to people
that no one else can hear
she listens to what they tell her
and she lives in constant fear

then there are Emily and Caitlin
both of them are so thin
Emily doesn't eat anything

Caitlin throws up what goes in

Holden is the youngest
he's a very troubled boy
he stabs himself with needles
says they're his favourite toy

Caroline and Fiona
both are really sad
they cut and burn their skin
and always act so mad

Hilda's really old
her husband Arthur is here too
but whether they're sick or just really old
none of us ever knew

Trista is a deaf girl
she feels lonely and left out
she's always throwing fits
she'll kick and scream, and shout

Tom is an old nurse
he has short, white hair
he gives out the meds
and tries to make things fair

Saundra is my favourite
i know she actually tries
she is real nice and pretty
she comforts me when i cry

Marnie the dietician
tries to teach us how to eat
but she's not around too often
and it's really easy to cheat

Dr. Brown and Dr. Catona
are always trying to make me well
but i'm not gonna get any better
of this i can surely tell

others come in and out
but none of them stay long
it's when they keep you forever
that you know something's really wrong

there's so many of us here
so different but all the same
everyone with their own problems
but getting out is always our aim

all locked in the same hospital
labelled similarly insane
all of us trying so hard to escape
not just the place, but the pain


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