Monday, February 14, 2011

I Can't

I don't think I can do this
The urge is gonna win
I'm just not strong enough
And I want to give in
I know that I shouldn't
I know I should fight
But it's all just too much
Especially tonight
There's too much heartache
Too much pain
And it hurts too much
To try and maintain
I just want to cut
See the blood running free
So I'll know my heart's beating
Inside of me
Or else burn myself
Let the blister rise
Then pop it and with it
All my anguish dies
Or if I could just smoke
It would at least reduce the need
Maybe long enough
For something else to intercede
But I can't cut
I can't burn
I can't smoke
I only yearn
So for now I'm stuck here
I can't even sleep
So I lie in my bed
And it hurts, and I weep


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