Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Glimmer Of Light

I go to my secret hiding place
Upstairs in my room
I take out the shiny, razor blades
Prepared to meet my doom

I know all of the rules
I know which way to make the cut
To keep the lights turned off
Or else keep my eyes tightly shut

So I can't see the beautiful crimson
That gorgeous ruby red flood
I might second guess my decision
If I looked at all that blood

But, maybe I won't do it that way
Maybe I'll take a lot of pills
Then I'll lie down and wait
Till my vitals all stand still

Or, maybe I'll buy a gun
And point it at my heart
One pull of the trigger
And from this life I will depart

No, I'll find a rope instead
Cause I can get a rope for free
Then I'll take it into the woods
And hang myself from a tree

No, that's it- I've made my decision
I'm gonna jump from way up high
I'll dive and land head first
And surely I will die

If you'll excuse me- I must go now
I've got a note to write
Saying Good-bye to those I love
That I'm sorry I quit the fight

I really must be on my way
The glimmer is in sight
It's at the end of a long, dark road
I can see a beautiful, bright, shining light


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