Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Why Can't You Know??

Can't you hear me screaming?
Sharp, jagged words of rage?
Can't you hear me pleading?
To be let out of this cage?

Can't you smell the fear?
I can no longer hide..
You just follow the scent of the terror
Overwhelming me inside

Can't you taste the salt?
That's pouring from my eyes?
Also running down my legs..
From the cuts on my thighs....

Can't you feel the desperation?
Of this tortured soul?
Battered, bruised and broken
Longing to be whole..

Can't you see that I'm empty?
There's nothing left inside
The heart that once beat, long ago
Has withered away and died

Can't you tell that I'm dying?
I'm slowly fading away
If someone doesn't help me
I won't last another day

I'm in all your senses
So why don't you know?
How much it hurts?
How I long to let go??


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