Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Wall

I built a wall, around my heart
Because I wanted to hide
My secret doubts and fears
I kept all tucked inside

But keeping the bad things from getting out
Wasn't the way to win
For my wall, it worked both ways
And the good things couldn't get in

I'm trying hard to knock it down
I want to let you near
But I worked so hard to build my wall
I'm stuck inside, I fear

Somewhere there lies a flaw
An imperfection in the stack
That's the key to getting out
From a flaw I can cause a crack

And each crack I can create
In my tall, strong wall
Will very slowly weaken the stack
Till a stone begins to fall

Over time each stone I laid
Will tumble down below
And my heart will be set free
The real me, can then show

I know it will be hard
I have lots of work to do
But I won't give up, I'll keep on trying
Until I can break through


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