Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'm trying to run
But you're pushing rewind
I just want to hide
Somewhere you'll never find

I start to climb up
But you pull me back down

Though my heart wants to smile
You're making me frown

I'm stupid, so sue me
It just isn't fair
You're ruining my life
And you don't even care

I just want to cheerlead
Forever and more
All the math that I need

Is to count up the score

I don't need to go to school
I don't wanna learn
Any notes I've ever taken
I just wanna burn

I hate Mr. Allan
And he hates me too
We just don't get along

There's nothing you can do

You can threaten all you want
And yell until I cry
But the more you take away
The more I wanna die

My life is cheerleading
So once that is gone
I'll have nothing to live for

- no will to go on

So push all you want
But you'll never succeed
Control of my life
Is the one thing I need

Don't try to take over
Cause you'll never win
I don't know how to lose
I'll never give in


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