Sunday, June 26, 2005


You see the signs
They're not hard to find
But I don't care
I close my mind

You know what I do
Behind the closed door
You know all too well
You've done it before

I'm so exhausted
My whole body is sore
I lie down and cry
Alone on the floor

I hate my looks
I hate my weight
I have to get rid
Of what I just ate

My fingers are scarred
My throat is raw
My mouth is so tired
My poor aching jaw

I'm so weak in my limbs
I might have to crawl
I'm afraid to get up
I think I might fall

You try so hard
But you just can't see

What it will take
To get through to me

I'm looking away
But your eyes stare at me
Into my eyes
Dark, hollow, empty..

But I'm not done
It isn't enough
I'll stick it out
I can be tough

Why is it so addictive?
I seem to know it's wrong
But the fear's just not there

It hasn't been for so long

I lie still and cry
I just don't see why
I can't seem to die
My life is a lie


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