Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Enough For Me

My thoughts are drifting
Every truth remains a scar
This is what my life is like
It's dark, without a star

She knows of every weakness
How I crumble in fear
Look at what it's come to
It all must end from here

One day I'll be good enough
One day you will see
I'm on the verge of becoming
Someone new that isn't me

One day I'll be happy
You'll see the sparkle in my eyes
One day the tears will stop
And I won't want to die

I've thought a lot about death
Planned out each and every way
The stars show less each night
I know I have very few days

I hide from the power of knowing
I can't let her feel all my fears
I quickly put on a smile
To hide the oncoming tears

Tonight it is so dark
Not even the light of a star
The truth has been revealed
They all can see my scars

One day soon I'll be good enough
And then you all will see
But right now I'm just trying
To be good enough for me


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