Monday, June 27, 2005

In The Hospital

i'm going home tonight
they're sending me away
though i don't think i'm ready
i think i need to stay

this is the one place i can be myself
the one place i fit in
the one place that i'm not a freak
where cutting's not a sin

in here there are so many scars
and for once they're not all mine
our souls are reflected from the inside out
showing different shapes and designs

shapes we've cut with razors
designs we've burnt with smokes
but no matter how many i've got
i still fit in with other folks

yesterday Donna brought me a housecoat
and asked me to put it on
my scars were making others uncomfortable
they'll feel better when i'm gone

so i guess that i was wrong
i don't fit in anywhere
not even here in the psych ward
can i let my arms go bare


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