Wednesday, June 29, 2005

With A Glimmer

with a glimmer of hope
i take this blade
and slide it quickly

there's a glimmer of desire
at seeing the other side
a glimmer of appeal
at testing this death ride

with a glimmer of allure
i take the pills, one by one
making sure to take them slow enough
to this time get it done

there's a glimmer of fascination
in this time doing it right
a glimmer at the end of the tunnel
the glimmer of that bright light

there's a glimmer of attraction
as i stare over the wall
a glimmer at the bottom
and i can't wait to fall

there's a glimmer of temptation
at hanging from that rope
at letting the life drain away
and staying away, i hope

there's a glimmer in the gun
in the barrel, just inside
i was trying to see it closely
when -BANG- it hit me and i died


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