Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm here for YOU

** to clarify this poem, i teach at a private school and this poem is about how i am there for the children, not for myself..

I am not here to smile
- I am here to light up your beautiful, young faces

I am not here to laugh
- I am here to make your young, smiling faces erupt into giggles

I am not here to confide in you my dreams
- I am here to listen to yours and encourage you to follow them

I am not here to be loved
- I am here to love you, unconditionally, through the good times and the bad

I am not here to be remembered
- I am here to rememeber each and every one of you so I can call you by name and recognize your parents when they come to pick you up

I am not here to be cared about
- I am here to care for you and keep you safe from harm

I am not here to cry
- I am here to dry your tears and make everything all better again

I am not here to fight
- I am here to break up your fights and keep you from being hurt

I am not here to have a good day
- I am here to make yours the best I possibly can

I am not here to live
- I am here to die for you, so that you can live a long and eventful life, and that you may live it to the fullest so that all your dreams may come true


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