Saturday, August 13, 2005

Life Goes On

People laugh
People cry
Some say hello
Some say good-bye
So many have fallen
In this world where we live
So many accuse
But never forgive
Tornados and hurricanes
Destroy our homes
There are fires and floods
Where our children used to roam
Women and children
Are hit and abused
But the person responsible
Is often excused
There is so much violence
Destructiveness and force
It seems all the marriages
End in divorce
Children are kidnapped
Women are raped
And cold blooded killers
Somehow escape
Shots are fired
Knives are drawn
People we love
Are too soon gone
Troubled teens
Turn to drinking and drugs
If only there was someone
To give kisses and hugs
So many hurt
So much blood is spilled
And too many people
Are victimized and killed
Suicide’s fail
Things go wrong
We want to give up

But life goes on


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