Wednesday, June 29, 2005

once upon a time

once upon a fairytale
or maybe just upon a dream
i held onto something special
a shining, bright moonbeam

but as fairytales are likely to end
and dreams are likely to die
the grip loosened on my moonbeam
and it flew into the sky

i was up so high
when i fell down
so hard and so fast
down to the ground

as the saying goes
"there's nowhere left to fall"
once you've hit rock bottom
it can't get worse at all

but i soon found out
that the saying's not right
once you reach the ground
you dig for the light

looking up really is
the easy thing to do
but it's such a simple answer
it doesn't occur to you

once upon a dream
or maybe a nightmare
i held on so tightly
to something no longer there


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