Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Friends Forever

** i wrote this poem for Carrie Tetley **
** if you're reading this, give me a call or something- i miss you!! **
"Friends forever" we promised
"Together till the end"
We did everything together
You were my best friend
Sure, we were young and foolish
To us life was just a game
But I always thought that as we grew
Our friendship would remain
I guess that was just another
Of my mistaken, childhood dreams
For as we grew, we grew apart
So far that we ripped the seams
The seams of a cherished friendship
That we worked so hard to build
In my heart was left a hole
A hole that you once filled
It couldn't be filled with just anything
I had to find the perfect fit
For it was a missing puzzle piece
And you, of course, were just it
But the piece of your puzzle fits somewhere else now
Somewhere that's far away
So until the day comes, that you'll want to come back
I'll just have to hope and pray
I love you girl,
always will,


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