Wednesday, June 29, 2005

burning flesh, searing pain
i want to do it all again
another match, or razor blade
create the wounds, that i have made

i don't have feelings
my body is numb

in an attempt to feel
i sometimes act dumb

but wait- it's back!
there's feeling once more
it now hurts so much
that my heart hits the floor

each time i take a breath
it hurts deep down inside
and the more i try to act alive?
it feels like i have died

so many tears run down my face
it's creating a heart broken flood
each and every tear is cutting me
and now i'm crying blood

sometimes it just gets to be too much
i try to turn outside in
hoping that i can make it hurt
more externally than within

salt & ice, matches, razor blades
whatever will do the trick
i know that it's not right
and it's a habit i should kick

but it just makes me feel so much better
it's as though it's something i need
the way you need oxygen to breath
i need blood when i'm feeling uneased


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Hi all!


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