Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Letter to the X


i hate you
you're dirty, perverted and sick
and what did i suck?
cause you have no dick!!

that's a pretty vital organ
so i guess we didn't fuck
and we're never ever gonna
you're shit outta luck

go ahead and spread rumors
you know they aren't true
once everyone finds out
they'll never believe you

if you ever tell my secrets
i swear, you'll fucking die
then instead i'll throw a party
cause at funerals people cry

you're a cradle-snatching bastard
and you don't deserve to life
you can push all you want
i won't break, bend or give

when you threaten to say things
i just hate you more
i won't drop to my knees
or bow to the floor

you're an ass-hole and you know it
so just wait and see
once everyone finds out
they'll ALL believe me


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