Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Don't Wanna Be Me

Will I ever be good enough?
Will I ever do it right?
Will I ever fit in?
Will I ever win this fight?

It's such a constant battle
All I want is to be free
I want to be somebody else
It's too hard being me

I wanna be someone
That people don't hate
Someone who's liked
Who boys wanna date

I wanna be someone
Who knows what to do
Who can be on her own
Who doesn't need you

I wanna be a girl
Who can just be real
Who doesn't have to fake
The things she thinks and feels

I wanna be able
To let down my guard
To just feel content
It shouldn't be so hard

I don't wanna be
The one that you see
When you glance this way
I don't want you to see me


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