Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm Bleeding For You

i take out my razor
test it's sharpness with a prick on my finger
as the tiny, ruby red droplets begin to leak from the surface
i am assured that it will do the job just fine

i begin to make cuts on my arm
shallow, superficial wounds at first
and then deeper, more dangerous lacerations
as i realize i'm out of control
i can't stop myself....

for the incomplete assignments on my desk, waiting to be finished
slash, slash
for the sol circles i worked on until my hands were raw and bleeding, and i still couldn't get

slash, slash, slash, slash
one for each pound i'm determined to lose this week
and slash, slash.. 6 more
one for each person who has abandoned me when i needed them the most

i stop to catch my breath
and watch the blood run down my arms
bleeding out the memories
bleeding out the lies
bleeding out the feelings

if you saw me, would you even care?
would you take the time to cry?
or tell me that you were there??

when you're about to walk away
just remember
how unhappy i am

just when you're about to leave
i'm bleeding for you


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