Monday, August 15, 2005

My Reflection

I saw a girl
The other day
A girl who seemed
So far away
The first thing I noticed
When I saw her there
Was how sad she looked
So full of despair
Her face was lined
From all her tears
That left black tracks
Of mascara smears
Next I looked
Down at her arm
It was covered in scars
From her self-harm
She had cut words
Into her skin
Scars to show the world
How dark it had been
She’d also used a cigarette
To burn circles in a row
Because of all the pain inside
That she wanted to show
Some of the cuts were brand new
In her hand she held a blade
Slashing her arm again and again
She was going to need first aid
Blood dripped all over the floor
And she just let it fall
She watched it flood from the open wounds
Not seeming to care at all
I wanted to help the poor girl
So I tried to take a step near
But I hit a cold, solid wall
It was my bathroom mirror


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