Friday, October 21, 2005

Behind These Eyes

A blond haired, blue eyed cheerleader
As perfect as can be
Too bad she's not real
She's who I pretend to be

A flick of my curls
The wink of an eye
A kiss blown to the crowd
And this image, they buy

A stuck bow 'n arrow
Followed by a double full
All these fancy tricks
And no one knows it's bull

For now my blue eyes sparkle
From deep within they shine
But I'm simply an actress pretending
Working this act of mine

See, behind the sparkle
The blue eyes cry
They don't want to shine
What they want is to die

Behind these blue eyes
That can act so well
I cry tears of blood
As I silently yell

"I don't want to be here,
In this land of fake,
I'd rather be shot,
Or drowned in a lake!"

Behind my blue eyes
The pain never ends
Secret cuts and burns
Are my only friends

Behind this false pretense
I drown in my own blood
It's sticky, all around me,
Dark red and thick, like mud

But no one knows what happens
When I'm all alone
They think that I'm all shimmery
Perhaps just accident prone

They see me every day
But believe all my stories and lies
And choose to see the glimmer
The sparkle in these blue eyes


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