Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rachael (thanksgsiving..)

my baby, my angel
oh, what should i do?
she's exactly like me
could she end this way too?

we're so much alike
every last little touch
but i can't let it happen
i love her too much

she's already started
in so many ways
but i must make it stop
or else, one of these days....

could it be that i've spent
with her, far too much time?
that i'm now rubbing off
onto this perfect child of mine?

that's all i can think of
and so i will stay
away from my angel
i can't think of another way

then since i won't spend
anymore time with her
she'll grow out of this stage
i'll have found a cure!

i'll miss her so much
but i love her, you see
so from now on i'll keep her
far away from me


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