Friday, October 21, 2005

No, I don't want to hold your hand

I don't need medication
For sadness is not a disease
I don't need institutions
Where they throw away the keys

I don't need anymore friends
For they've all come and gone
I don't need your instructions
I, myself can tell right from wrong

I don't need plastic smiles
Or pretending that you care
And please, unless you mean it-
Don't say you'll always be there

I don't need anyone else
Telling me what is best
If I can't believe it myself
I'll never pass the test

I don't need God or Jesus
He's never helped me before
I don't need to be rescued
Just leave me dying on the floor

I don't need talk, or therapy
I don't expect you to understand
Right now, I just need to cry
And no, I don't need to hold your hand


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