Friday, December 09, 2005

Sinners Prayer

** i did not write this poem, all the credit goes to "Nikki" from poems-and-quotes, who did an amazing job of writing down exactly the way i feel**

my Father who art in heaven
yes, You know my name
i used to be so innocent
but now, i'm not the same

grant me Your graceful time
don't ignore my tear
just please, understand
that this, You need to hear

born into sinfulness
washed in Holy Blood
righteousness to wrongfulness
sinning just because

Lord God, bestow salvation
my soul yearns to free
the evil temptations
that rest inside of me

now i stand upon my feet
peering upon a knife
knowing i love Jesus
but yet, i hate my life

please forgive the future
forgive this that i'll do
remember that i'm sorry
and Lord, i love You too

when i cut my throat
remember this sinner's call
forgive me now Father
let angels catch my fall


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