Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just One More

"just one more hour mom,
please, just let me stay"
but that one turned into many
and now she'll have to pay

"just one more smoke", she says
"and then i will quit."
but now that butt is gone
and another one's been lit

just one more drink tonight
she makes the promise in her mind
how was she to know he'd drug her?
he'd always been so kind!

just one more teardrop
sliding down her cheek
she quickly wipes it away
not wanting anyone to peek

just one more new blade
just one more deep slice
just one more blood stain
there, that should suffice

"it's just one more pill"
my shrink tries to explain

"one more pill each morning,
to help you stay more sane"

just one more attempt
is what she did decide
just one more attempt
at committing suicide

just one more life
taken from this land
just one more funeral
needing to be planned

just one more lost soul
that can't find it's way home
just one more depressed writer
writing one more suicide poem


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