Monday, February 06, 2006

Where Am i Going??

i don't know anymore,
what direction i'm going

if i want to go, when i'll go,
or if i'll go without knowing

i tire easily of this place,
in this state of thinking

i'm stuck here, underwater,
locked in chains and sinking

i don't like mirrors anymore,
i don't recognize the one looking back

that girl looks cold & empty,
so colourless & black

i'm there somewhere, lost inside,
trying to find my way out

yelling & screaming so loud,
yet nobody hears me shout

wondering how i lost my way,
and how i'll ever get back

i sit & watch the girl in the mirror,
as her world turns black

never helping myself, of course,
because i just don't care

hey, i looked as i was falling,
and there was nobody there

i don't need anyone blaming me,
i hate that accusing stare

for when i needed you the most,
you were never there

my heart can't take anymore of this,
all the pain that's buried inside

i'm suffering here alone,
my happiness has died

i need no one else to cause me pain,
i do that on my own

i'm broken, lost, confused,
drifting into the unknown

"i was taken away, literally what people mean when they say "she went kicking and screaming", and now i'm left with this constant fear .. i'm sure, that at any minute now, the men in white coats will be here, but maybe, just maybe, if i stay really still, and quiet, they won't put the straight-jacket on me when they get here...."


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