Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tell Me You Understand

Look at my life
And tell me you too have cried
Tell me you know the feeling
Of being dead inside

Explain to me a panic attack
How your body shakes with fear
How hard it is to breath
How you just can't think clear

Tell me about the disassociation
The time jumps and the gaps
Tell me about the restraints
How they tie you down with straps

Tell me about the pills
They make you swallow every day
Tell me about how hard you wish
Everything would go away

Tell me about the hospitals
The institutions and the work
The programs and the homes
Where others like you lurk

Tell me just how bad you feel
Every single night
How you'd rather give up living
Than continue with this fight

Tell me what it's like
Watching blood drip from your arm
Tell me you get so desperate
That you resort to self-harm

Describe to me the burning
The never ending pain
That you create each day
As a result of being insane

Tell me you're so frantic
You want to die at your own hand
Please, tell me you also feel this way
Tell me you understand


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