Friday, January 27, 2006

Say Good-bye to Father's Yell

fuck you! go away!
just leave me the hell alone
shut your God-damned mouth
and watch your fucking tone

get the fuck out of my life
i don't need your stupid shit
i don't need anything from you
i hope i die without any of it

i don't care that you're my father
DNA doesn't make me feel love
you'll never be my daddy
my Dad lives up above

my Dad isn't an ass-hole
He understands who i am
my Daddy never yells at me
He says i'm His perfect lamb

my 'father' think's he's powerful
but he is so fucking wrong
my Daddy has the real power
i love to sing His song

my Daddy in heaven loves me
He actually wants me there
my stupid 'father' just wants to control me
he doesn't really care

one of these days i'll be gone
from my 'father's' hateful hell
my Daddy will take me in His arms
say good-bye to 'father's' yell


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