Friday, January 20, 2006

i'd rather be lied to

i had brain surgery 6 years ago
it ruined my life
i now feel so bad
that i cut with a knife

i used to be so smart
but i dropped out of school
i didn't even graduate
now i feel like a fool

i was an awesome cheerleader
but now most of that is gone
i did gymnastics too
often practicing on my lawn

i was quite strong and flexible
keeping myself in good shape
but they put me on prednisone
my entire image was raped

i kept my body thin
always careful about what i ate
but all of their drugs made me change so much
i'm now largely overwheight

i was failing at everything
that i used to be able to do
it was so discouraging
there was nothing i could do

i grew apart from all my friends
spending more time by myself
i felt isolated and lonely
sitting in the back corner of the shelf

i hate my life more and more
with each passing day
and i've begun to wish
everything would just go away

but it won't now, it never will
no matter what i do
and i know- if this is the truth
i'd rather be lied to


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