Thursday, January 05, 2006

Breaking, Killing, Stealing, Losing, Dying

my body- my soul, being broken
this pain cannot be spoken
my nightmares won’t be woken
i’m stuck with this token
and i know, i’ll never be whole again

killing my arm
with all this self harm
causing so much alarm
but the blood feels so warm
and i know, i’ll never be able to stop

stealing’s my goal
i won’t pay the toll
i long to be whole
0 -the dice roll
but there isn’t a 0, and i know, i’ll never amount to anything

i’m losing the game
cause i'm so lame
this is not why i came
i’ll never be the same
and i know, i’ll never win again

i’m dying inside
though i’ve tried to hide
all these tears that i’ve cried
i’ve already died
and i know, that it’s no use, i’ll never be alive again


Blogger Powerball said...

Kathryn -
I stumbled across your website and the words you post are heart breaking.

We all choose darkness or light. There are so many wonderful things if we choose to see and feel them.

I just thought a few kind words from a total stranger might be in order.

God Bless,


1/05/2006 3:50 p.m.  

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