Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bloody Raindrops

**ok, so there are really 2 versions of this poem- this one, and "crimson teardrops". you've probably noticed they're pretty much the same thing.. i'm looking for input as to which one is better, or which parts of which one i should use to make the final draft- thanks!! -kathryn**

broken down
smashed around
bloody raindrops
hit the ground

almost died
by suicide
bloody raindrops
fall outside

all alone
no one cares
bloody raindrops
desperate prayers

lost and numb
bloody raindrops
all hope fades

bright red slashes
across my wrists
bloody raindrops
can't resist

frantic thoughts
run through my mind
bloody raindrops
left behind

falling fast
silent screams
bloody raindrops
broken dreams

awful memories
empty eyes
bloody raindrops
never cries

falsely promised
wordless fears
bloody raindrops
for all these years

no one noticed
what was wrong
bloody raindrops
now she's gone


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