Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fairy Tales & Princesses

Baby girls
Beautiful little girls
Sleeping all around me

Their little heads filled with fairy tales
Princesses & Magic Carpets
Wishes & The Ball
Wicked Witches & Poison Apples & Fiery Dragons

But always a hero
To come to the rescue
To slay the dragons
& save you from the witches
& kiss you awake

A prince charming
Come to catch you when you fall

I used to be that child
Many, many years ago

When my clothes didn't match
& boys still had cooties
When stars were the windows to heaven
& everything was made all better again with a kiss & a cookie

When life was so simple
And I didn't have a care in the world

I was one of those princesses once
But my hero forgot to come
And there was no one to slay the dragons
Or save me from the witches
Or kiss me awake

So I kept on dreaming
But my dreams turned to nightmares
Until I pinched myself & found that I was never sleeping to begin with

And now,
Many, many years later,
I make one last wish:

That somewhere, there's a man who's strong enough to catch me when I fall.
And that, if it's still a possibility,
That things could get all better again..

I don't need a cookie,
But the kiss would be nice....


Anonymous Wing 0 said...

...the hero would come to save you only when the darkest and scariest of monsters show up... right now... you're fighting, and you're fighting hard... but... don't think that you have faced the scariest of monsters... there is yet more to come... but thats what makes your hero so special... on the brink of death... he will sweep you off your feet and whisk you away right before the murderous sythe of death has a chance to disembowel you... there are strong people out there who are willing to hold onto you... face those demons and protect you... give you the kiss that would relieve that painful ache of the void that replaced your heart... as of now... stay strong... a hero must have a reason to fall in love with you... make it so there is one... you are beautiful... even through all the scars... your loved one will see through that... and find your heart that lies in the void that engulfed it...

8/14/2006 10:02 p.m.  

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