Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happily Ever After??

Do you ever wonder how long that is?
Are you ever curious about what happens after "the end" of the story?
Cause it doesn't go the way you'd think..
Here, I'll fill you in on a few not-so-popular details....
~ ~ ~
~ ~
The story of Cinderella
Took a very twisted turn
When the castle caught on fire
And to the ground it burned
With no water to be found
In the middle of a drought
The family was trapped
There was no way to get out
~ ~
Princess Aurora
Has a sad tale to tell
She caught her prince cheating
And bid him farewell
Full of anger and rage
She committed suicide
She jumped out of a window,
Hit the ground and died
The fairies couldn't help her
Though they tried to save their girl
Her soul was too far gone
Departed from this world
~ ~
As for Snow White
She still lives with the dwarfs
Who've since grown tired
Of her cleaning and chores
Since she lives in their home
They think it's their right
She gets gang-banged 7 times
When they come home each night
~ ~
Then there's Ariel & Eric
Who died together, hand in hand
See Eric gave her syphilis
And it took them from this land
As for the daughter, Melody
She didn't catch the disease
But now spends her time curled up in a ball
Rocking and holding her knees
Melody was only 11
When both her parents died
But afraid of the foster care system
She ran away to go hide
~ ~
Last of all
But certainly not least
Is the story of "Belle"
"Beauty and the Beast"
Belle is still alive
But no longer a happy bride
First Gaston raped Belle
Then the beast made sure he died
The beast was soon caught
And they put him in jail
And Belle doesn't have the money
To pay for his bail
~ ~
That's all 5 Disney princesses
Not one story worked out well
So I think it's safe to say
Happily Ever After has gone to Hell
~ ~ ~
~ ~
"Happily ever after is something we all hope to turn out like.... but, after much debate and research, studies have shown that it truly is just a myth."
~ ~
"Happy endings are just stories that aren't finished yet."


Anonymous Wing 0 said...

...in a fairy tale... anyone can add to a continuation... one can make a happy ending into a tragedy... but one can also make a tragedy into a happy ending... after all... the happiest of endings come after the greatest of tragedies...

8/14/2006 9:05 a.m.  

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